Disinfection and Sanitizing Services

GermSafeSolutions specializes in complete disinfection and sanitization thru electrostatic and cold fog spraying. Anywhere a pathogen or virus can survive, IS NOT a safe place to hide from our disinfection and sanitizing systems. Protect yourself, your families, your employees and your customers ​from a wide array of germs with our EPA registered disinfection solutions. In the process, we effectively eradicate pathogens, viruses (to include Covid-19), algae and fungi because we can achieve a degree of disinfection that cannot be achieved with traditional cleaners. Our products are EPA registered to combat Coronavirus (COVID-19) while being more human, pet and earth friendly than popular harsh cleaners.

Contact us to find out how you can protect your home or business with the same EPA registered disinfectants hospitals use.

Commercial Cleaning Service

GermSafeSolutions cleans a wide variety of homes, apartments, businesses and offices and can design a cleaning plan that is suitable to properly clean the interior or exterior of any of our client’s facilities.

Beyond just offering regular scheduled business cleaning, we also provide our customers with specialized services such as construction site cleanup and home move in/out cleaning services which CAN include a VIRUS and PATHOGEN spray fogging after the initial cleaning service is complete leaving a “Hospital Grade” cleaning. Our customers appreciate the quality of specialized services, the ease of scheduling them, as well as the fair rates. Give us a try and see the difference for yourself!

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